When we know what's going on we can change it.




The more we know, the better ideas we have.




The more objective thinking we do the better decisions we make.




We all live together and and depend on each other.


How many times have you received a notice that a class action suit has been settled and, if you have documentation, you can share in the settlement pool? Example: "To receive a payment, you must submit a claim form by... and have spent at least $1.00 on AdWords ads served on parked domain or error pages between July 11, 2004 to March 31, 2008." This was receive in 2017.

It is bad enough that consumers were apparently initially taken advantage of (as found by the settlement), but then this common process for remuneration is so onerous that it screws the consumer a second time - who has records from up to 14 years ago? Who knows where their ads were served? Who spent enough on this specific set of ad placements to make it worthwhile to file? Who has a life?

Though attorneys and class actions serve a vital legal function, this all too common type of settlement is as anti-customer friendly and pro-attorney fees as could be.

"The remedy is worse than the disease." ― Francis Bacon

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