When we know what's going on we can change it.




The more we know, the better ideas we have.




The more objective thinking we do the better decisions we make.




We all live together and and depend on each other.


Wars against drugs, gambling and prostitution have drained trillions of dollars and demanded monumental law enforcement effort from us. These efforts have ruined innumerable lives and families while providing huge income opportunities for criminals and large illegal enterprises. These "Vices" should be legalized, regulated and taxed.

Among the benefits of this approach:

  1. Treatment rather than punishment of the small proportion who have problems
  2. Decreased street crime
  3. Decreased violence world-wide
  4. Less corruption
  5. Decreased income for criminal gangs/businesses
  6. Decreased incarceration and fewer prisons
  7. Reallocation of law enforcement and prosecution resources
  8. Fewer broken families
  9. Income for government
  10. Economic growth
  11. Greater safety for participants and those near to the activities
  12. Adherence to Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness for our citizens

“I would rather be exposed to the inconveniences attending too much liberty than to those attending too small a degree of it.” ― Thomas Jefferson

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